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Pau d'Arco Related Books

Walter Lubeck

The Healing Power of Pau D'Arco: The Divine Tree of the South American Shamans Provides Extraordinary Healing Benefits
by Walter Lubeck - 1998 130 pages

Pau d'Arco is a traditional South American herb long revered for itsextraordinary healing powers. This book explores its many and varied uses, itsspecific preparation techniques and some background on its long history. Thecomponents of the lapacho (pau d'arco) bark have a detoxifying, anti-mycotic and anti-carcinogenic effect. The native South Americans called it the "divinetree". The book includes the best recipes for using the tea effectively.


Kenneth Jones

Pau d'Arco : Immune Power from the Rain Forest

by Kenneth Jones - 1995 160 pages

Once again, the South American rain forest yields up a healing treasure--the bark of the pau d'arco tree. The author describes its value in treating allergies and immune system disorders, and gives directions for preparation and dosage.


Rita Elkins

Pau D'Arco: Taheebo, Lapacho (The Woodland Health Series)

by Rita Elkins - 1997 32 pages

"Woodland Health Series" Gives a history of this herbal component found in the bark of the South American lapacho tree and discusses its many therapeutic applications from AIDS to yeast infections.

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