Dr Walter Accorsi

– Born in 1912 in Taquaritinga, Brazil.

– Professor emeritus of College of Agriculture, University of Sao Paulo.

– World-famous botanist.

– Awarded Brazil National Science Award.

– A leading researcher of medical plants, especially Taheebo tree.

– Senior advisor at Taheebo Japan Co., Ltd.

In 1967 Dr. Walter Accorsi of the Municipal Hospital in Santo Andre, Brazil spoke about Pau d’arco, which he called Ipe Roxo, to a magazine reporter who then printed his story. Dr. Accorsi said,

“From my first experiments with Ipe Roxo, I learned two important things which, greatly encouraged me in regards to cancer: First, that it eliminates the pain caused by the disease; and second, that it multiplies the number of red blood cells. This bark is used to treat stomatitis (swelling of the mucus membranes in the mouth), ulcers in the throat, gastric ulcers, syphilitic chancres, itchiness wounds, eczema, and boils.”