Is Pau D’arco Effective?

There is research on both sides of the pau d’arco issue. Some has indicated that Taheebo or pau d’arco is very effective at healing cancer, candida and other ailments while other studies have concluded that it is not effective at all and may even be toxic. There are definitely cautions to be aware of regarding Pau d’Arco.

Unfortunately, most of these studies differ in ways that make them difficult to compare. As an example, one study focused on one derivitave compound from the wood of the Tabebuia tree called Lapachol. This study found that Lapachol did possess some anti-cancer qualities. Another study looked at off-the-shelf pau d’arco and determined that it did not improve the health of its user at all. Yet another research project showed that Lapachol taken in large doses can possibly be toxic.

Confusing isn’t it? That is why we recommend performing your own investigation of the evidence for and against pau d’arco and then deciding for yourself which path you should take. We have included an extensive reference list and links page to help you in this endeavor.